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Young man! There's no need to feel down, I said, Young man! Pick yourself off the ground, I said, Young man!, 'Cause you're in a new get it. 

Here I am in Brooklyn for the time being and am greasin' up for playing my first show in New York. I am grateful to be joining the laser beam vocal talents of Laney Lynx and neon maestro bassist Drew Ofthe Drew. The show is next Wednesday, November 1st on the main stage at Piano's in the Lower East Side. I'll be on first at 9pm. 

I met Laney having played her event "The Family Reunion" held at Father Knows Best in Bushwick earlier this month. It's an artist showcase which you should slide on over to if you are in north BK when it comes around. Follow them on IG at @thefamilyreunionbk for dates and suave pics.

I'm glistening with excitement for the show. Maybe I will get some new pants. 

Love and Candy Korn, 


Sonic Guano 

This is a digital postcard, "Hello" type situation. Here are some shots of Carl, Kramer, and I spelunking deep down at Blue Silo in Denver (where the Ross gets down) searching for that sweet, sweet sonic guano. That's bat poop (see Ace Ventura).


In This Summer 

We are slowly emerging from the underworld and getting stronger by the day. While we are still in somewhat of a Voldemort stage, we will be playing a few shows this summer. Also we will be locked away in the dark, damp, dingy studio making more music for you. Please enjoy your respective summers. We miss you. 




Got Wood? 

Cities have a very different kind of mystique than the pastoral. The two landscapes provide a very different life and means of inspiration for their respective dwellers. The resident of a steel-grey city absorbs the years of conversations and expressions through the walls of their favorite haunts much frequented. The country dweller inhales the energy of the trees which buzzes less but is far more antiquated. This presents the human being’s special relationship with wood. Wood absorbs and expunges; expands and contracts just like we do. 

Wood that was once alive continues to emit its stories through dried up pores. This happens in man made constructions and post mortem. Makes me wonder if the same goes for people. 

I don’t think I give a shit whether to be cremated or put in the ground. I’d rather be made into some sort of jagged coffee table where I can continue to fart out my story and maybe be of some use. 

Hope you might like this new video of a story being emitted from one yet alive.

Animated Video For "Sidewalks" and Paste Magazine 

We have to admit it has been like sitting on top of a ready-to-erupt volcano and feeling the anxious smoke climbing up our collective bum in waiting to share this animated video for our song,"Sidewalks" with you all. We had been waiting for the exact right moment to let it go and yesterday Paste Magazine included us in a "Best Of" article which featured ten of their favorite animated music videos. Needless to say that we felt that volcano blow when we saw our video up there alongside iconic ones such as Peter Gabriel's, "Sledgehammer" and Radiohead's, "Burn The Witch." I mean, Radiohead!?!?! Come on! That is maybe our collective bum's favorite band (but seriously, they are our favorite). 

The cosmic animation was done by John Grigsby from right here in Denver, CO and we think he totally nailed it. If you don't know him he is a killer bass player who plays with the likes of Gregory Allen Isakov. 

And of course, props to Jim Ruberto who did the interstellar mixing and mastering of the audio for the song, yet another righteous Denver music stalwart. There are a lot of Mary Annes on this island, not just Gilligans (reference to an ancient TV show that I have never actually seen. I hope that it is accurate. That Mary Anne was a smoke show, right?) 

As always, the video is embedded here on our website, probably directly to the right of this post but you can also link it here

Link to the Paste article written by the lovely and talented Ian Gassman here as well. 

So glad you can finally see this wonderful piece of art....because, honestly my ass was starting to burn lil' a bit. 


Bob (Seth)

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